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Official Tecnam Dealer Belgium


Friedrichshafen, Germany – Tecnam announced today the latest edition of its popular low wing two-seater P2002 Night now completing full IFR, VFR Day/Nigh certification in both the CS23 EASA and FAR23 FAA categories. The Tecnam P2002JF MkII IFR has developed as a result of customer feedback from both private customers and flight training organisations, who have a sizable need for a two seat IFR aircraft with the well proven, efficient engine ROTAX 912. It is the lowest Acquisition Price aircraft in the IFR segment. With a MTOW of 650 kg, the P2002JF MkII IFR features outstanding performance and flying qualities. It is equipped with latest glass Garmin G500 Txi avionics, designed specifically for CS23/FAR23 aircraft. Twin touchscreens integrate with the GTN GPS/Nav/Comm series, GDU700P MFD/EIS with integrated ADAHRS to providing a fully certified glass suite solution. The ease of flying and maintenance make this aircraft an excellent solution for training in flight schools, but also fun for private use. The option to use multi-fuel makes this aircraft an even more flexible and cost effective. Due to the tapered laminar aerofoil and the slotted flaps the P2002JF MkII is an outstanding aircraft, a perfect mix of aerodynamics, performance, and structural efficiency. A number of flight schools, including three launch customers F-AIR, Bartolini and EAS Barcelona Europe have already selected the P2002JF MkII as their ideal aeroplane for students initial training towards the ATPL.