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Official Tecnam Dealer Belgium


Friedrichshafen, Germany – Tecnam announced today the latest edition of the popular low wing two-seater P2002 Sierra. The Tecnam P2002 Sierra MkII is has been developed for the new European Union 600kg ULM category and is immediately available for delivery to those countries where this category is approved by their local Civil Aviation Authorities. The P2002 is already available in Tecnam product range as an Advanced Ultralight and in the UL/LSA category. With a MTOW of 600 kg, the Sierra MkII features superlative performance and flying qualities, confirmed by hundreds of P2002 sold throughout the world. The ease of piloting and maintenance make this aircraft an excellent solution for training in flight schools, but also fun for private use. The option to use multi-fuel makes this aircraft even more flexible and cost effective. This new version of the Sierra MkII is available with latest glass Garmin G3x avionics, with the twin touchscreens integrating with the GTR GPS/Nav/Comm series, to provide a fully glass-suite solution. A standard analogue pack option is also available. Offering a sporty style interior and different paint schemes, the aircraft is available also with parachute to be compliant with the EU 600 KG category.