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Who are we?

At young age the brothers Gustave & Ivan Cappuyns were guided by their father Jos Cappuyns in model aviation and developed so their aviation mind.

While Gustave defended his title at International Aerobatics ,so did Ivan at International Pylon Races.

Designing model airplanes became a routine job untill the idea started of creating/designing a home-build Microlight Aircraft.

In 1986 the CABIS II was born, Belgiums first Modern 3 axis Microlight airplane.

Even now the airplane can still compete against other airplanes in performance.

Short after, BRAC was started up and achieved the certification of the RANS COYOTE (00-A66) in Belgium.

The Microlight aviation could now start in Belgium thanks to the cooperation of the Brothers CAPPUYNS.

Capco-Aviation was founded to promote the Microlight-Aviation in Belgium.

Tecnam Service Center Belgium





Aero-Kiewit (EBZH)
Luchtvaartstraat 100
3500 HASSELT (Belgium)