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Tecnam installs Lycoming iE2s on P2012 Traveller

Capua – 25 November 2015 – Tecnam announces the successful installation of two Integrated Electronic Engines (iE2) built by Lycoming Engines on its P2012 Traveller test aircraft. Roll-out of this next generation, 11-seats, twin piston engine aircraft is due in February 2016, and its first flight is scheduled for June 2016.

Lycoming’s iE2 engine is the company’s flagship technology.  It is an engine and engine control concept designed from the ground up to be electronically controlled.  The iE2 system features a continuously optimizing multi-port fuel injection system for optimum power and fuel consumption performance. The electronically controlled system enables operators to realize reduced maintenance costs and increased availability while simultaneously reducing pilot workload.  Added to this is the ability of the engine control unit to continuously monitor and report engine performance.

Tecnam has selected a single turbo, non-intercooled configuration of the iE2, designated the TEO-540-C1A. “This configuration provides the P2012 Traveller with the power, durability and efficiency necessary for our first intended use as a passenger airplane,” stated Paolo Pascale, Tecnam Managing Director. “We are pleased with the partnership that has been built between Lycoming and Tecnam to move this project forward,” Pascale said.

“Lycoming’s iE2 was a great fit for Tecnam of Italy’s P2012 application. The selection of iE2 not only assists the P2012 in meeting its performance objectives, but should also prove to be an easier engine to integrate into a modern aircraft. We look forward to supporting Tecnam in bringing the airplane to market,” stated Michael Kraft, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Lycoming Engines.

The Lycoming-powered Tecnam P2012 Traveller is designed to comply with both FAR part 23 and EASA CS-23. The aircraft is currently undergoing extensive testing of its fuselage, wings and empennages.

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Tecnam and Cape Air review P2012 Traveller production progress

Tecnam today announced at a joint production development meeting held with Cape Air and key significant milestone dates for the P2012 Traveller, with roll-out due in February and first flight in June 2016.


Key members of Cape Air’s leadership team, including Linda Markham – President, Mike Migliore – CFO, Stan Bernstein – Member, Board of Directors and Jim Goddard – Senior Vice President, Fleet Planning, visited Tecnam’s Capua, Italy assembly facility and where delighted with the significant progress Tecnam have made in production of the P2012 test aircraft.

Fully assembled P2012 Traveller serial number 003 is now complete with both its two Lycoming TEO 540-C1A engines fitting and is undergoing extensive testing of its fuselage, wing and empennages.

The joint Tecnam and Cape Air P2012 Traveller development team, both chose and froze the avionic suite consisting of two Garmin ten (10) inch Primary Flight Displays and one Garmin twelve (12) inch Multi-Function Display.

Paolo Pascale, Tecnam Managing Director said “We are delighted with the support and encouragement we have received from Linda and her Cape Air team and we are very much looking forward to rolling out the first P2012 Traveller for its new custom built production facility in just a few weeks’ time”.

“Having the chance to visit with Paolo and his team at Tecnam provided great encouragement that a next generation aircraft for Cape Air is on the horizon,” says Linda Markham. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration and are focused on advancing the already considerable progress we have made.”

The Tecnam P2012 Traveller is an eleven seat next generation piston engine twin, designed to comply with both FAR part 23 and EASA CS-23. Designed to ensure operators benefit from very low operating and maintenance costs in particular.

The Tecnam P2012 Traveller will first see service as a passenger aeroplane but has been designed from the start to be a very versatile and flexible aerial platform, offering many multi role opportunities including Hydro, VIP, cargo shipping, parachuting and medevac services.


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