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Tecnam delivers first P Twenty-Ten to the Middle East

Tecnam announced today the delivery of the first P Twenty-Ten to the Middle East.

P Twenty-Ten ‘A7-TBA’ was delivered directly from Tecnam’s Capua, Italy production facility to Qatar based ‘Aviation Home’ at Al Khor Airport. The ferry flight routing included stops in Brindisi, Corfu, Crete, Alexandria, Cairo, Hurgada, Madina, Riyadh and Doha in just 25 flight hours.

The landing on Crete’s runway 030 was achieved in a rain storm, wind 350 28 knots, gusting 40 knots.

P Twenty-Ten ‘A7-TBA’ joins a wide range of Tecnam aircraft already in service with Aviation Home, Tecnam’s dealer for both the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These include the Tecnam Astore, P2006T Twin and a number of P200JF’s.

The ‘P Twenty Ten’ brings together an advanced technology all carbon fibre fuselage with a metal wing and stabilator/rudder based on the best of TECNAM’s recent P2006T Twin and P2008 experience. This single engine, 4 seat aeroplane has been eagerly anticipated by the General Aviation community.

Professor Luigi Pascale, Tecnam’s award winning President and Head of Design, is especially proud of creating the P2010. “It was 50 years ago that we originally introduce a four-seater single engine high wing aircraft. I am delighted at the response from so many in the General Aviation community, be they private owners or flight schools who have appreciated the benefits of our all new innovative and affordable Tecnam P2010.”

From left to right: Khalid Al Khater Thani, of Aviation Home with
Sheik Thani Al-Thani, the proud owner of the first Middle East based Tecnam P Twenty-Ten.

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Tecnam announced today that the Tecnam P2006T Twin has successful achieved certification to enable it to carry commercial passengers.
Already firmly established as the multi-engine aircraft of choice bringing affordable multi-engine flying to aero-clubs, flying schools, syndicates and private aircraft owners around the world, Tecnam are aiming to promote the P2006T  Twin for charter and air-taxi usage too.
The first Tecnam P2006T Certificate for Passenger Transportation has been achieved by Russian based Chelavia.
Established in 2003, ChelAvia currently operates nearly 100 Tecnam aircraft and is actively engaged in training commercial pilots for many Russian based airlines in particular.
The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation issued Chelavia decree d/d 04.02.2003 № 11 which authorises Chelavia to use its large fleet of Tecnam P2006T Twins’ for commercial passenger and freight activity.
This approval completes the “Certification Requirements to individual and legal entities carrying out commercial air transport operations. Certification procedure” and has enabled Chelavia to add the Tecnam P2006T to its Air Operator’s Certificate to enable it to offer the aircraft for both passenger and airfreight operations.
Chelavia report that its customers value the P2006T’s cabin space and comfort in particular. Coupled with the P2006T’s exceptional low cost of operation, speed and range plus its versatility in the delivery small-scale cargo and parcels, the Tecnam P2006T is providing a new a profitable source of revenue generation.
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